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Upcoming Workshops

New Zealand 21 May-1 Jun 2024

Vivid Sydney 11 Jun 2024

Antarctica 9-20 Mar 2025

Egypt 12-20 May 2025

Jordan Petra 20-25 May 2025

Kenya - Great Migration TBC 2025

Oman TBC 2025

Cambodia TBC Nov 2025

Morocco (South) TBC 2025

Japan - Winter

5-14 February 2025

From the magical winter landscapes of Hokkaido to the majestic Mt. Fuji, we take in all the adorable snow monkeys and red crowned cranes along the way. Winter is the perfect season to capture the beauty of Japan. We will embark on an 11-day intensive photography workshop covering the most photographic sites, from buzzing cities to the calm atmospheric landscapes and spectacular snow festivals.


Lead by landscape award-winning photographer Andy Yee, and accompanied by renown travel photographer Paul Pichigun, this tour will provide unique opportunities and cultural experiences. The intimate group size is designed for personal attention to develop your photographic vision.


Morocco - South

TBC 2025

Morocco South is rich in natural and ancient beauty. Join us for a 13 day workshop tour of the southern parts of Morocco from the ancient Kasbahs waiting to be explored to the majestic sand dunes of the Sahara Desert.

Lead by landscape award-winning photographer Andy Yee, and accompanied by Robin and Timothy Moon, this is a perfect workshop for photographers looking to develop their skills in a dynamic group tour that will provide many opportunities to capture different genres of photography.

Morocco AYP - --5.jpg

Previous Workshops

Morocco - The Giving Lens

October 2018

We return to magical Morocco, and this trip is set to be better than ever! We have an incredible, ethic tour company crafting the perfect visit, a dynamic NGO partner, and jam-packed days waiting for you. Marrakesh, the High Atlas mountains, and the Sahara desert all await you.


Morocco - Intentionally Lost

October 2018

We will ride through and photograph the blue city of Chefchaouen, Roman ruins, the historical capital of Fes, the sand dunes of the Sahara and the highest mountain pass in Morocco before ending the tour in Marrakech. This tour is designed for photographers who want to add cultural photos to their portfolio with a focus on proper coverage of a travel location or story.


Cambodia - The Giving Lens

February 2019

Bustling streets filled with tuk tuks, beautiful colors and delicious aromas from the local markets, with a backdrop of stunning temples and Khmer history. Considered one of the most sought after travel destinations in southeast Asia, Siem Reap offers a mix of new and old, progress and history. Our journey is based in the heart of Siem Reap, where we’ll be a short trip from most of the popular temples surrounding the city.


Join us in the heart of the Australian Outback for four stunning days in the Red Centre. An itinerary full of photogenic opportunities from the Field of Dreams at night to the aerial views of a doors off helicopter ride, we will encapsulate as much of the colourful landscape as possible.

Lead by professional travel photographer Andy Yee, this tour will provide you with unique opportunities to capture your own incredible photos of the Red Centre. The intimate group size is designed for personal attention to develop your photographic vision.

NT field of lights2.jpg



I am a middling hobbyist in photography and first met Andy last year in Morocco. His demeanor and professionalism were the reasons I signed up for the Japan trip.


The trip exceeded my expectations in terms of locations and the time of day we arrived at each place that I, on my own, would have spent a lot of time finding. Andy shoots with a Sony camera, but is knowledgeable about other brands and is able to help his clients troubleshoot any issues that arise with those.


Two of his qualities, so necessary for groups with disparate personalities and abilities, are an abundance of patience and a sense of humor. Leading these groups must, at times, seem like herding cats. Despite that, we managed to leave and arrive within the timeframes for optimal shooting. I would recommend Andy’s workshops to any photographer of any ability. I believe that he definitely delivers in terms of value given for money spent.

Rosalba S


I’ve worked with Andy professionally for retail property development photography, and personally attending The Giving Lens tour in Morocco in 2018.

Andy can work with any scenario he is placed in and achieve amazing results. Andy is quick thinking, extremely patient and methodical with his clients to ensure he delivers the outcomes they desire.

I have no hesitation recommending Andy for professional business photography needs or his photography tours and classes

Heidi D


The learning and sharing from all and the different perspectives of all participants were wonderful. Having the expertise and guidance of three professional photographers added to the value and learning experience of this workshop. The instructors are fantastic, caring and understanding individuals who always went the extra mile to ensure that everyone was comfortable and happy... Definitely customer centric individuals!!

Nerissa N


I am of the opinion that photography workshop leaders should not “mother” you to get the same standard shot for all participants but rather be available to help you with your own vision.


In that sense, Andy was great! His technical and composition knowledge and his ability to guide me through my work in the field has been excellent. Secondly, his pre-work in scouting the locations and allowing us to be in the right place for these was also highly appreciated.


Most importantly, I believe I have made a new friend because of this trip and that says a lot more than any of the technical stuff. I highly recommend Andy’s workshops and look forward to participating in another one hopefully in the not too distant future.

Gangadhar B


I felt the instructors push you to improve at each shoot and there was great camaraderie between all the participants. I could not recommend this trip enough. An amazing experience made better by the teaching and the company.

Peter M


In my experience, professionals in all fields struggle with teaching what they know in ways that are easily understood by all. Andy is one of the few who is able to turn his professional knowledge into practical communication. He bridges the gap between theory and practice by using creativity as a springboard supported by elements of good photography. This has helped me carry the skills he’s taught me to other places I go.


His vast experiences and practical instructional approach is a great combination in a photo educator. From each session with Andy, I’ve come away with photos that match what my eyes see, rather than 1,000s of flat images. Andy’s instruction has helped me be more conscious of what I’m looking for in image composition. As a result, I end up with images that hold great memories for me. I highly recommend taking any of Andy’s workshops and / or scheduling one on one time with him.

Nancy L


We covered some great locations, and the leader's knowledge of the area meant we didn't waste time getting to the best locations at the optimum times. The accommodation and food were excellent, and the leader's knowledge meant we got a good 'taste' of life as well as some truly memorable memories and images.

Robert P


Andy Yee was the leader on a recent travel photography workshop that I attended in Morocco. From the moment I arrived he felt like a friend. He was very informative and helpful during the trip. He never lost his patience with me regardless of my never ending questions!!


His photography knowledge and skills are an inspiration to me. I would highly recommend his workshops and look forward to attending another one in the near future.

Carol M


I first saw Andy pictures on Instagram and liked his photography style. His landscapes are breathtakingly simple, elegant and yet profound. I joined his Japan workshop in November 2019. Every day we photographed different parts of nature, sunrise, sunset, people, places, street scenes and cultural shrines and buildings. The days were divided into a series of photographic challenges that became the steppingstones that built onto the next day and the next. Andy is a patient and knowledgeable teacher and encourages creativity, yet he guides when necessary. I found his workshop to be stellar in dollar value, education and experience.  I highly recommend his workshops they are truly unforgettable.

Terra M

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