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My Photography Equipment

I'm frequently asked about what gear I use when photograph and what gear to take when travelling. Essentially there are two major factors which leads me to what gear I carry.


The duration of the trip and if the equipment allows me to capture the most from the trip. This year I'm off on a few trips. Some short (two weeks), and some have snowballed into longer trips that will have me on the road for just over two months where I will be photographing in several different locations and conditions (Morocco and Japan etc)


Here is a rundown of my equipment of necessary equipment that will allow me to travel effectively and get the most out of my photography, while also comfortably where I have just the essentials and not carrying the kitchen sink.


My best advice to anyone with packing conundrums is that you know better than anyone else your shooting style and what you are after. If your gear gives you coverage without compromise, then bring it.

Sony A7RV -

The current generation of the A7R is an incredible advancement in the series. The focus stacking capability, improved focus system and the huge 61mp make it the industry leader in high resolution camera systems. Not everyone needs 61mp for everyday photography, for anyone who is starting with photography, I'd recommend the next camera.....

Sony A7CR -

The same image quality as the above mentioned camera, just in a smaller compact form. Knowing I have a capable backup camera when traveling this gives me piece of mind that I wont miss an opportunity due to equipment.

Sony 16-35mm GM II -

This lens essentially lives on my camera. As a travel photographer I usually relate to capturing landscape and views of the wider variety firstly.

Sony 24-70mm GM II -

I never had a 24-70 lens until the release of this lens as I thought that this range of lens as too much of a Swiss army knife. But this lens is simply outstanding for image quality and versatility.

Sony 100-400mm f4.5 - 5.6

I've recently changed up my zoom lens setup from a 70-200mm f4.0 to the 100-400mm for the extra reach for wildlife and to get more details and abstracts. Im pairing this up on occasions with the 1.4x teleconverter when I am shooting wildlife in good light conditions.

Sony 55mm f1.8 -

My prime lens that's in between the wide and zoom lengths. One of the most compact, bright and sharp lenses in the Sony range of glass. This is my street photography walk around lens.

Zeiss Batis 85mm f1.8 -

My portrait lens. For me it's the beautiful bokeh it provides that separates it from the other 85mm's. the 85 is a beautiful lens to isolate a subject in frame.

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Shimoda Explorer 60L Backpack -

My take-it-all backpack for long haul trips. Usually across several weeks across different countries and climates. For a 60L bag its remarkably light at under 3kg and incredibly tough and durable. My favourite features of the Shimoda bags are the aluminium frame that helps to distribute the weight on your back and shoulders, and the core units which can be customised to the amount of equipment you are hauling. I can attest to the water resistant quality of the material as Ive flooded the inside of my bag several times with coffee and energy drinks, and yet never noticed a drop leaking outside the bag....

Shimoda X30 Backpack - 

My trip bag for when Im tackling one country for a trip. This bag is more streamlined than the explorer for me to move through crowds and packing more concise for trips. The design is very intuitive with pockets and straps in the right places to be utilised. 

Benro Tripod - 

My favourite tripod that give me peace of mind. Its well built, resilient and I love how easy it is to take apart and clean after its been in salt water and sand during a workshop.​

Markins Ballhead - 

Ive been using Markins for several years now across different tripods. Well made with a simple clean design, Markins feel like a custom made piece of equipment with quality materials.

Marumi Magnetic filter set -

Essential bit of kit whenever theres waterfalls, water or amazing movement with clouds. I usually carry a grad filter, a 6 stop and 10 stop. This usually covered enough bases to capture water smoothed out or nice blue in cloud movement.


My post processing is a pretty straight forward combination of Adobe Lightroom and Skylums Luminar 4 and Aurora HDR programs.

I try and edit my images with as much efficiency as possible and like to try and keep the same workflow with whatever the genre of photography might be (landscape or portrait etc)

Check out Luminar and Aurora for some very intuitive features in AI Sky Replacement and Augmentation. The Denoise and clarity effects are also leading edge in ability. 

There is good integration between these programs and their abilities compliment each other to take you images to the next level.

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