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Japan Autumn Workshop

12-21 November 2023


10 Days / 9 Nights


Tokyo / Kyoto

Group Size

Max 6 participants


All skill levels

Fitness Difficulty

Easy / Moderate



Type of Tour – Small Group 

Lead Photographers - Andy Yee and Colby Brown


Fly In -Tokyo [NRT] or [HND] 

Fly Out - Kyoto [KIX] or bullet train back to Tokyo


Price - SOLD OUT




* Tokyo day tour

* Mt Fuji - Five Lakes district 

* Hashiguiiwa Rocks 

* Seiganto-ji + Nachi Falls 

* Mount Yoshino 

* Nara Park (Deer!) 

* Lake Biwa

* Kyoto (Arashiyama, Golden Pavilion, Fushimi-Inari, Kiyomizudera, Gion, Byoudin, Geisha) 

* The food! 

* The culture! 

* The colour!



In late November Japan explodes into a dazzling array of colour as autumn hits its peak. The Japan Autumn Workshop is timed to sees the flora at its fiery peak; the countryside awash in a sea of reds, oranges and yellows. This ten day intensive workshop encapsulates the most exceptional landscapes, temples, shrines, waterfalls and lakes that Japan has to offer, and there will even be some deer too! 



Led by landscape award-winning photographer Andy Yee, and accompanied by Sony Artisan Colby Brown, this tour will push your photography to the next level. The intimate group size is designed for personal attention to develop your photographic vision.


Day 1-2: Tokyo

The megatropolis Tokyo is our starting point for this colourful workshop. From the neon-lit streets of Shinjuku, and the impressive skyline of this futuristic city, to the quiet and spiritual lantern covered alleys of the old Asakusa district, Tokyo is a contradictory city full of wonder. 

Day 3-4: Fuji Five Lakes

No trip to Japan in Autumn would be complete without a photograph of the iconic Mt Fuji. The Fuji Five-Lakes district is breathtaking at this time of the year as autumn brings a vibrancy that exemplifies the natural beauty of the lakes and vistas in the region. We will take out time to explore a wide array of shooting locations so you will be sure to capture the shy mountain in its best light.

Day 5: Coastal Kansai

Nachi falls is a spectacular complement to Seiganto temple - Temple of the Blue Waves. Along the coast of Wakayama and Mie prefectures lie some of the most unique rock formations found in all Japan. Home to the jagged Hashigui-iwa Rocks and the adorable Wedded Rocks.

Day 6: Mount Yoshino + Nara

Our first destination outside of Kyoto will be Nara; home to hundreds of wild deer and tightly packed with historical building such as the Todai-ji, the largest wooden building in the world. The area boasts its beautiful mountain scenery, which will be perfect in Autumn. We will spend the night at Mount Yoshino which is nestled between hills bursting with vibrant colours in every direction. We will share a room in a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese Inn and relax in an onsen, hot spring bath, after dinner.

Day 7-9: Kyoto

We conclude our adventure in Kyoto: the cultural heart of Japan. Steeped in history, Kyoto has some of the most colourful temples and shrines found anywhere in the world. Our time will be wisely spent in the right locations at the right time. Early morning in the serene bamboo forest, late afternoon along the path of a thousand Torii Gates as the shadows grow long, evenings at illuminated temples such as Kiyomizu-dera. If we are lucky, we might even hear the shuffling of Geisha as they hurry from tea-house to tea-house in the twilight of Gion. The workshop will conclude after breakfast on Day 10.

We understand getting the photo into the card is only half of the battle. During the workshop, there will be time to go over post-processing to help you create images that pack a punch. Our photographers will sit down with you to assist your selection process, Lightroom and Photoshop workflows and techniques, and develop your best images, so you can showcase the finest Japan has to offer.



The trip is suitable for the photographer with basic knowlege through to expert level.


Group size will be 6-8 people. Cost will cover 9 nights accommodation, ground transport, park entrances fees and all breakfast + dinner meals. 


Japan is a gastronomic destination in and of itself. With such a wide and varied selection to choose from, you will learn that Japanese food is more than just Sushi. From succulent seafood to giant bowls of Raman, crispy tempura, or Kansai Okonomiyaki, you will come to appreciate all of what Japan has to offer your palate. When we aren't leaving in the dark to shoot sunrise, breakfasts will be provided. All dinners will be offered, but lunch and drinks will be up to you. We will be staying in three-star or greater hotels during our trip. We will spend one night in a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese Inn, which will be quite the experience. Each hotel has been selected for their value and offers a comfortable stay in petite but modern and well-equipped rooms. All rooms on the workshop will be provided as single occupancy.


For Terms and Conditions click here


Spots are limited and you are advised to book with a deposit as soon as possible to not miss out. Please email for further details



* Two professional photography guides 

* Nine nights accommodation 

* Single room occupancy 

* All breakfasts (some days we depart for sunrise before breakfast)

* All dinners

* Transportation in private cars and ferries 

* All entrance fees to photography locations 

* Post-Processing sessions during the tour



* Airfare to/from Japan

* Lunches

* Alcoholic beverages 

* Travel insurance 

* Equipment and baggage insurance 

* Visas (if applicable) 

* Gratuities

To reserve your spot for this workshop, a deposit of $1000 (USD) can be made via Paypal.

Remaining workshop tuition amount will be due 60 days before workshop. A reminder invoice will be sent out 90 days before the workshop commencement

Upon deposit you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions click here.


Tour will be guided by professional photographers Andy Yee and Colby Brown.



Andy Yee is a professional photographer who specializes in travel/tourism, architecture and commercial projects. He is a Sony Digital Imaging Advocate and the winner of the Sony Alpha Landscape Award. Andy has travelled extensively in all seasons of the year and worked on projects with several tourism agencies and publications.

Colby Brown is a photographer, photo educator and author based out of Eastern Pennsylvania. Specializing in landscape, travel and humanitarian photography, his photographic portfolio spans the four corners of the globe. Throughout his work, one can see that he combines his love of the natural world with his fascination of the world’s diverse cultures. Each of his photographs tells a story of life on this planet.

As one of the most influential photographers on the internet with an audience reaching millions around the world, Colby creates & helps run various social influencer marketing campaigns for some of the biggest companies and destinations in the world, including Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Iceland Naturally, Jordan Tourism Board,, Travel Alberta, Visit California and many more.


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