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Preparation for 

Sapphire Coast


We have a jam packed schedule planned for the Sapphire Coast weekender which I hope you all will enjoy and get the most out of in terms of fantastic images and learning a few things along the way.


Here is a few things to help prepare for the weekend that cover schedule, equipment and things to look for when shooting. Please note our schedule and try and be timely so that we don't miss out on giving you all the shooting opportunities planned. 

For every session we pull out our cameras to photograph, if I get 1 or 2 "keeper" images, that's a success. If I have 3-4 images for the day, that's a pretty good day of shooting.

During each session I will attempt to capture a variety of images with some sort of difference with the composition, light, aperture and shutter speed to give me a range of images to pick from to create the best image possible. I encourage you to experiment with changing your camera settings throughout the weekend.

If there is anything in particular that you would like to focus or learn over the weekend, please let Hanna or myself know so that we can try and assist where possible.

Below is a slideshow (click on image to open up view window) of some of the locations we will be visiting. Note the camera settings and try and visualise what compositions and elements you want to look for and capture before we get on location.


8am: Meet at designated location in Sydney. Depart for National Falls in Royal National Park.

9am: Photograph National Falls for approximately an hour. Get familiar with using camera and filters to experiment with different exposure settings. (drive time to Nowra: 2h40m)

11.40am: Lunch in Nowra for an hour (drive time to Bermagui: 3h)

3.40pm: Check in at accomodation

4pm: Arrive at Camel Rock and Horse Head Rock for sunset session (sunset 5.32pm)

6pm: Head back to accomodation.

6.30pm: Go to dinner

8pm: Editing and image critique



5.30am: Meet at cars and head to sunrise session Camel Rock and Horse Head Rock (sunrise 6.32am)

OPTIONAL SHOOT: Bermagui Rock Pool

Breakfast in Bermagui

Check out of accommodation before 10am

1pm: Drive to Bombo Quarry (3.5hrs) Lunch in Nowra

OPTIONAL SHOOTS: Cathedral Rock, Sea Cliff Bridge (1hr drive) (sunset 5.32pm)

7pm: Arrive back in Sydney



Camera - Anything from a phone to mirrorless to a medium format camera will be fine. We will put you in front of some amazing scenery to enjoy. 


Lenses - Depends on your style of shooting, but I will be predominantly using my 16-35 wide angle lens. If you like to shoot tighter and fill your compositions with more detail, then something in the 24-70mm range should be sufficient.


Tripod - A sturdy tripod is essential for long exposures in soft light and bracketing images for HDR processing


Filter kit - Filter holder and various ND (Neutral density) if possible. I usually have a 6, 10 and 15 stop in my bag to cover a range of lighting conditions. If your looking to start somewhere, a 10 stop is right in the middle of the range.


Remote Trigger - Useful but not essential for long exposures. Its great to have a remote to trigger shots as there is then less of a chance camera movement during an exposure. Another way of limiting the risk of camera shake or movement is to set the shooting mode to a 2/3/5 second delay.

Laptop - If you want to review and edit images on the Saturday night, bring your laptop so that we can work through the editing process together.




This workshop will go ahead rain, hail or shine. Please keep an eye on the weather forecast before the weekend and dress accordingly. Dress warm if you feel the cold as well will be out early for sunrise on the beach. 


Wear sturdy appropriate footwear, water shoes or be prepared to go barefoot if getting in the water. Bring a towel if you think you might go for a swim  


If it looks like rain, pack a small umbrella. Some of the best photos are done when everyone has packed up and given up on a shot. An umbrella can keep your camera dry and ready to shoot if the weather plays up. 

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