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Oman Photography Workshop

Things to Know Before Taking an Oman Photography Tour or Oman Photo Workshop

An Oman photography tour and Oman photography workshop is a great way to accurately photograph the beautiful and picturesque middle eastern desert nation of Oman. While many people do photograph and tour the country on their own, doing so can be dangerous and difficult due to the state of the nation. Much of the country is poor, has degrees of rebellion and isn’t easy to access unless you know the lay of the land. This is where tour guides and workshop heads who have explored Oman extensively are critical to your success shooting within the country.


So before heading to Oman on one of these tours or workshops, there are a few things you should consider. First, as mentioned, the country has its own problems that can prove difficult for tourist photographers of certain nationalities with expensive equipment. One should consider traveling light and knowing how to get out of the country if something explosive or dangerous were to occur. Next, make sure you are traveling on one of these tours in the Fall or Winter months when the temperature will be considerably cooler. In the dead of summer, Oman can be one of the hottest places in the world which can not only be dangerous to those who aren’t used to this extreme heat, but also just generally uncomfortable and distracting while you try to photograph and see the sights. Also, regardless of what season you decide to take an Oman Photography tour or oman photography workshop, make sure you have the right outfits and supplies for the country and the weather itself.


Finally, make sure whatever photography tour or workshop you are looking to sign up with is reputable and has an excellent track record. Your guides need to be knowledgeable and reliable the whole trip, so the better you check this out, the better your trip and photos will be.

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