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Japan Photography Tours

Japan Photography Workshop: Tips for Taking Japan Photography Tours/Japan Photo Tour

A Japan photography workshop is, as it sounds, taking a Japan photo tour or Japan photo tour to all the amazing picturesque places in the country and photographing them as beautifully as possible. To many people, Japan is one of the most beautiful, fascinating and unique places in the entire world, with many regions, seasons, styles and textures to be photographed in all styles and genres. So to have someone take you on a Japan photo tour is a bucket list item for many people who have a passion for the art of photography. However, there are some tips that may be worth paying attention to for those going on one of these Japan photography tours to help them maximize their time experiencing the country and also taking incredible pictures along the way.

First, make sure you trust your photography guide and their knowledge of both photography and the country of Japan itself. As these guided photography tours are not cheap, make sure you check them out extensively to ensure they know what they are talking about and take their clients that offer a lot of picturesque scenery or have some great or unique subjects to shoot. This should entail going on their website to see what other tours have shot or reviewed about them, as well as what the itinerary of the trip will entail. Going to other websites where independent reviews of these photography tours are offered is also an excellent idea, so you can get a real sense from past clients of what to expect on this tour. Try talking to them directly as well. Also, reaching out to the tour guide or pro photographer who will be leading you around Japan before you put your good money down is also a great idea.

Next, pay attention to the season. While all seasons in Japan are wonderful to photograph, some offer more variety than others depending on what part of the country you will be visiting with your guide, assuming you’re not going everywhere. Winter will obviously be snowy and cold while Spring will offer cherry blossom blooms in Tokyo. Details like that will also allow you to adjust what you are expecting to shoot, as well as when you should go to best fit your photographic interests in the land of the rising sun.

Finally, study the country based on the itinerary provided so you can know a bit about the history of where you will be visiting and what you may be shooting. The more you know about a place and where it developed from, as well as what is happening and why can better inform the photographs you shoot in many cases. And also make your trip all the more enriching.

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