1000 Words - Sahara

Updated: May 11, 2019

"The landscape catergory was brutally competitive this year, with dozens of images that we would habe been happy to see as finalists. With so many powerful images in contention, the winners had to be not only aesthetically striking, but also techincally excellent. Andy's winning image uses a carefully considered minimalistic composition. On closer inspection however, there is an incredible level of detail waiting to reward the viewer" - Sony Alpha Landscape Award Winner

This may well be the image that defines my photography career, well at least the part that enters into photography competitions. It’s not often that I take the time to enter into competitions as its not the reason for why I shoot in the first place.

This image was taken during the Giving Lens (TGL) Morocco trip in 2016. Early morning we had set out from our desert camp at the Open Doors Morocco Bedouin Bivouc in search of high vantage points on our surrounding sand dunes.

With camera, tripod and two lenses with me, our ascent up the nearest ridge has us warmed up and short of breath soon enough. My boots are filling with sand soon enough and I’m in two minds between regret and caution after hearing the story of someone previously being stung by a scorpion. I am however thankful that in the early morning conditions that the sand is not blistering hot as yet.

The group treks slowly single file up the ridge line and is careful to not disturb the sand and lines where we would be photographing. The group is careful in the sandy enviroment after being stuck in a sandstorm the previous day. Lessons of how fine sand granules don't mix well with expensive camera gear are fresh.