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New Zealand Photography Workshop

NZ Photography: The Pros and Cons of a New Zealand Photography Tour

Taking a NZ photography tour is a great way to see and photograph this incredibly picturesque part of the world, making a New Zealand photography tour an appealing thing to sign up for during a trip. However, there are a number of pros and cons to consider before doing this, and they are listed out below.

Pros: As New Zealand is an island with all imaginable regions worthy of being photographed, getting around to everything can be very difficult without someone who knows the lay of the land. So having a photo tour of New Zealand is an ideal way to see as much as possible that the tour believes is worth photographing, so you can concentrate on taking photos and not on all the logistics of traveling around, over between the islands. These guides will know where to stay, how to get to various places, where to eat and when and what to shoot, so all you will have to concentrate on is what you can photograph with your camera.

Cons: Sometimes having everything planned out is not ideal for shooting that once in a lifetime photograph or for the style in which people shoot in general. If that’s the case, a New Zealand photography tour probably isn’t for you, as you will have everything planned for you and won’t be able to go off too much on your own. For example, if you like to shoot portraits and not as many landscapes, there may be less inhabited regions of New Zealand that aren’t ideal for what you like to photograph on these tours. Of course, it might be worth it to exercise a new photography muscle. All of these things are worth keeping in mind before you sign up.

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