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How to Find: The Best photography workshops, top photography workshops to attend and general photography workshops in Japan

When searching for the best photography workshops, top photography workshops to attend and general photography workshops in Japan, there are a number of things one can do to help narrow this down. Many people who have a passion for photography want to come to japan to shoot photos at some point in their lives as it is such a unique and beautiful place with such a rich history, vibrant colors and patterns and unique ways of living. So by making the trip to tour the country through one of these photography workshops and shoot the whole time is an ideal, life-affirming vacation for many people. However, these photography workshops are also not cheap so knowing the best ones to attend, whether they are for higher level photographers or are more general photography workshops in Japan is important to the overall experience.


There are a number of ways to research this before putting your money down of course. Thanks to the internet the world has opened up on this front so that those who want a photography tour can protect themselves and make sure they are getting everything they are paying for. First, all of these workshops and instructors and guides should be researched online extensively. This means going to their websites and looking at the past tours and the photos that have come out of them. It also means going to review websites that are independent of the company that leads these guided photography tours and seeing what people said about their experiences in all honesty. It may also be a good idea to get in touch with a few of these past clients and ask them as many hard questions as possible about the tour and the guide, just to help you ensure it is worth your money. Remember, not only are you paying for a vacation in Japan, but you are also paying extra for someone to lead you around and teach you the art of photography.


Next, get a sense of how much of your time these workshops will take up out of your day. While some people may want to shoot photos the whole time they are in Japan within the confines of the workshop, others may want to venture out and explore on their own to see what photo opportunities present themselves. Great photos rarely ever appear in front of you—often you have to go looking for them and find them by accident.


Once you have done this deep dive into researching these different photography workshops in Japan, reach out to the instructors of the ones you like the best and see if you like their vibe. Only then should you consider signing up and giving them your money. You need to like and respect the person who is showing you around and helping you advance your art.

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