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I am an international award winning photographer that specialises in travel and tourism projects, industrial design, architecture and special event photography. I am a content creator and photo educator based in Sydney Australia, when I’m not living out of a suitcase.

My outlook of my work is to try and create something different and unique from the ordinary. Im constantly looking for the moments and detail that draw attention and provide a feeling of emotion to the viewer. Im always look for different techniques to convey my photography, from HDR landscapes, black and white, macro and time lapse.

My strength is my attention to details to provide a classic look rather than a trend. I see the role of the photographer is to engage, educate and entertain an audience. A photographer has the opportunity to do all these things and make a difference to people’s perception of the world. To be able to travel abroad and capture the harmony between people of different cultures and beautiful landscapes and design, these are the things that I want to chase, photograph and share.

There are two things that I experience when I travel. The first is that I see and appreciate things that encourage me to search out more adventures. The second is the appreciation for the little things when I encounter adverse poverty and living conditions. I hope that from these experiences I can bring exposure and support back to help these communities.

I believe as a photographer there are similar traits to being a photojournalist, teacher and a travel agent. I want to inspire others to seek out their own adventures and push their own boundaries.

As a contributor to the Travel2Next and Resource Travel networks, my commercial work has also been published in Signature Style & Travel, Indesign Live and Habitus magazine.

In June 2017, I won the Sony Alpha landscape photography award for an image I took in the Sahara in Morocco, while using Sony Alpha equipment.

Any enquiries regarding travel and commercial project assignments, commercial licensing agreements on my images (concessions for sets of images) or speciality prints of my images, please feel free to contact me by email through the link above.

All images appearing on the Andy Yee Photography web site are the exclusive property of Andy Yee and are protected under Australian and International Copyright laws.

The images may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without the written permission of Andy Yee.








"Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures" Lovelle Drachman

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