Japan Winter Workshop 2018 - Andy Yee Photography

Japan Winter Workshop

1st - 11th February 2018


* Tokyo streets and skyline sunset

* Mt Fuji

* Matsumoto Castle

* Shirakawago Village

* Snow monkeys

* Sapporo Snow Festival

* Biei landscapes

* Shirogane waterfall

* Otaru Snow Path Festival

* The food!

* The culture!


Come and join us on a Japan winter workshop for some of the most rewarding and unique opportunities for any photographer!

The trip commences in Tokyo and takes in the bustling street life of Japan's very own megalopolis. At this time of year its possible to capture “Diamond Fuji” with the Tokyo skyline that shows the incredible expanse of this modern city. We will also visit some of the picturesque traditional areas and temples at times which suit our goals to shoot without the crowds.

A drive to Mt Fuji and the surrounding 5 lakes offer a variety of beautiful lakes and landscapes all under the background of the majestic Fuji-san. We will then head north to Matsomoto where the “Black Castle” resides in the centre of town. With its surrounds covered in snow, its a great opportunity to see one of the best preserved castles in all of Japan.

A day with the snow monkeys up in the hills of Jigokudani is something you won’t see anywhere else in the world. Photographing the snow monkeys in their natural winter routine of keeping warm while sitting in hot springs in the snow is something unforgettable.

We will then drive back to Tokyo and fly to the northern island of Hokkaido. The largest snow festival in Japan lights up in Sapporo at night, we then head out into the winter wilderness of the Biei area and its snow covered landscapes.

The Otaru Snow Path festival is a held in a beautiful small fishing village which lights the canal and decorates areas around the village with ice installations. It really is a very picturesque and a beautiful time to be in Japan with a camera!

The 11 day tour coverages a wide spectrum of photography and will be an unforgettable cultural experience. The trip will allow enough opportunities to capture key moments and also cover editing techniques and processes to help you get the most value out of the trip. The trip is suitable for the photographer with basic knowlege through to expert level.

Group size will be 8-12 people.

Cost will cover 10 nights accommodation, ground transport, return domestic flights from Tokyo to Sapporo, park entrances fees and all breakfast + dinner meals.

Accomodation will be 3-4 star and booked based upon location convenience, comfort and availability of onsens :)

Spots are limited and you are advised to book with a deposit as soon as possible to not miss out.

Please email for further details. andy@andyyee.com


Tour will be guided by professional photographers Andy Yee,  Alexander Bradley and Giovanni Piliarvu.

Andy Yee is a professional photographer who specializes in travel/tourism, architecture and commercial projects. He is the winner of the Sony Alpha Landscape Award. Andy has travelled extensively through Japan in all seasons of the year and worked on projects with Japan Tourism 

Alexander JE Bradley is a professional photographer and founder of Aperture Tours. Hailing from Australia but now lives in Paris where he has an irrational fear of being at street level. He can therefore be found happily snapping pictures on rooftops 30m above Paris, or 30m below the streets in the Catacombs. Alexander previously lived in Japan and is looking forward to further exploring. (www.alexanderjebradley.com)

Giovanni Piliarvu is an experienced Tokyo based photographer. Originally from Sardinia, Italy, Gio is at ease within the Italian and Japanese cultures. He enjoys both but don`t put soy sauce on a pizza or you`ll see him cold sweating. Landscapes, traditional Awaodori festivals and street photography are his cup of tea. Living in Tokyo for more than 10 years with a camera in his hand, he can make anyone dangerously fall in love with it. Currently collaborating with exhibitions at the Island Gallery Tokyo, he`s been featured by Sigma Japan, Canson/Maruman, and print publications in Japan and internationally. (www.giovannipiliarvu.com)




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