Fundraiser! - Andy Yee Photography

Andy's 40th + Charity fundraiser for HelpAge Cambodia

Winners and THANK YOU’s!

I would like to thank everyone that was able to make contributions before the event and that were able to attend last night. We were able to raise $5400 which I am extremely happy with as I set myself a goal of $5k.

Prize Winners:

Andy Yee framed Images: May Liu, Klang Tai, Simon Ball, Andrew Herrmann, Gabby

Chris Hardy Paper: Joanne Chung

Chris Hardy Triple: Aileen Challinor

Velofix Spin Studio Sessions: Warrick Goldsmith

TravelManagers travel voucher: Sarah Hong

EasternWeft Handbag: Brendan Murphy

EasternWeft Scarf: Keiran Kelly

Orica Greenedge Jersey: Hilary Balmond

Helena Day Spa Vouchers: Patricia Bellwood, Leigh Miller, Gareth Hallaran, Phillip Ezzy, Laura Banco, Alisa Nicholls, Michelle Allen, Donald Semken, Lisa, Phil Manning

Silent Auction: Dave Mcallister

Greenland Wines auction: Murph

Andy Yee Photo auction: Saroeun Srun

Quickstep Jersey auction: Anthony Challinor

For my friends that travelled to Sydney for the event (Special mentions to Jen + Jeff and Mr BA Buckley ), the Local Taphouse Clive + Yane for being an amazing venue and all these people that helped set up and run the night to make it work Nicole, Mark, Kate, Michael Woods, Colin Reay, Lena Reay, Peter, Daniella, Todd, Anthony Challinor, Aileen Challinor, Bernadette, Chris, Kelly, Sian, Shaun, Irene, Brad, Amanda, Murph and Zhong

Kathy and Troy, you also won a prize from last nights draw, I'll be in contact with trying to sort out your prizes. Again, thanks everyone for your support. I'm looking forward to sending the donation to HelpAge Cambodia and seeing it support the elderly in Cambodia.

And thanks to these businesses for supporting the fundraising:

Helena's Day Spa -

Velofix Bike Service Centre -

Eastern Weft Designs -

Bikesportz Imports -

Le Puncheur  -

Chris Hardy Designs -

Bellwood Designs -

Greenland Wines

Sublime Cakes -

The Local Taphouse Darlinghurst -


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